About me

I am an associate professor of mathematics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. My research focuses on commutative algebra with a geometric and computational flavor.

I have been awarded the 2018 Harold & Esther Edgerton Junior Faculty Award for creative research, extraordinary teaching abilities, and academic promise.

I have been awarded the 2024-2025 Ruth I. Michler Memorial Prize of the AWM.

I co-organize the workshop Women in Commutative Algebra III at CMO Oaxaca June 2-7, 2024.

I am an editor for the Journal of Commutative Algebra. Please consider submitting your relevant work.

My Students

Undergraduate Activities

I mentor teams of students working in the Polymath Jr. large-scale undergraduate research program. An article about this program appeared in the Notices of the AMS When life gives you lemons, make mathematicians.

I am the founder and director of the Nebraska Experiential Mathematics and Outreach (NEMO) Lab affiliated with the Geometry Labs United network.

In co-organize the Central States Mathematics Undergraduate Research Conference in partnership with colleagues at Kansas State University.