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338 Avery Hall


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Department of Mathematics
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Lincoln, NE 68588



I have been awarded a 2013-2014 Certificate of Recognition for Contribution to Students by the UNL Teaching Council and UNL Parents Association.


Lecture notes from recent graduate courses:

·         Math 817-818 lecture notes

·         Math 901 lecture notes

·         Math 902 lecture notes

·         Math 918 Lefschetz Properties lecture notes

·         Math 981 Computational Algebra lecture notes


Courses taught at UNL:

·     Math 189H - The Joy of Numbers (freshman honors seminar)

A guided exploration into number theory from Euclid’s proof of the infinitude of primes to applications in public key cryptography.

·     Math 208Calculus III

Calculus of several variables including vectors and surfaces, parametric equations and motion, functions of several variables, partial differentiation, maximum-minimum, Lagrange multipliers, multiple integration, vector fields, path integrals, Green's Theorem, and applications.

·     Math 310 - Introduction to Modern Algebra

An introduction to proofs course designed for mathematics majors and pre-service secondary education majors, covering mathematical induction, elementary number theory, the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, modular arithmetic and elementary notions in abstract ring theory.

·     Math 314 - Applied Linear Algebra (Matrix Theory)

Fundamental concepts of linear algebra from the point of view of matrix manipulation, with emphasis on concepts that are most important in applications. Includes solving systems of linear equations, vector spaces, determinants, eigenvalues, orthogonality.

·     Math 325Elementary Analysis

An introduction to mathematical reasoning, construction of proofs, and careful mathematical writing in the context of continuous mathematics and calculus.

·     Math 407Math for High School Teaching I

An abstract reasoning course, highlighting the connections between college mathematics and high school algebra and precalculus.

·     Math 417 - Introduction to Modern Algebra I

An introduction to abstract group theory and some of its applications.

·     Math 435Math in the City.  See also previous topics (2006-2012) of this class.

A capstone course in mathematical modeling for issues of current interest. Run in collaboration with the Nebraska Natural Resources Districts. Below are the slides from two presentation I gave regarding my experience with the course:

·     Math 817 – Introduction to Modern Algebra I

Topics from elementary group theory and ring theory, including fundamental isomorphism theorems, ideals, quotient rings, domains. Euclidean or principal ideal rings, unique factorization.

·     Math 818 - Introduction to Modern Algebra II

Modules, vector space, and topics from field theory including Galois theory and finite fields and from linear transformations including characteristic roots, matrices, canonical forms.

·     Math 901 Algebra I

An introduction to category theory, representation theory of groups, and homological algebra.

·     Math 902 Algebra II

An introduction to commutative ring theory and basic notions of algebraic geometry.

·     Math 905Commutative Algebra

Fundamental concepts of commutative ring theory: primary decomposition, filtrations and completions, dimension theory, integral extensions, homological methods, regular rings.

·     Math 918 - Topics in Algebra: The Lefschetz properties

An introduction to the algebraic Lefschetz properties, following the book by the same title by Harima, Maeno, Morita, Numata, Wachi, and Watanabe.

·     Math 918 - Topics in Algebra: The Geometry of Syzygies

An introduction to graded free resolutions viewed from a geometric perspective, following the book by the same title by David Eisenbud.

·     Math 918 - Topics in Algebra: Computational Algebra

An introduction to Gröbner bases and their many applications in algebra and geometry, with several homological and combinatorial detours.

·     Putnam Training Seminar